We are the improvers and we add value by combining business understanding with our knowledge of processes, technology and people.





  • Analyse business processes and solutions 
  • Analyse organisational design and structure 
  • Identify business improvement initiatives 
  • Identify business and solutions needs 
  • Propose a way forward

Process improvement

  • Map efficient processes and identify improvement areas 
  • Design operating model to increase efficiency 
  • Optimise utilization of resources 
  • Optimise use of business critical systems 
  • Lead implementation of improvement initiatives 
  • Conduct process improvement audits

Change management

  • Translate strategies to specific measures and actions 
  • Participate in stakeholder management 
  • Support and advice leaders 
  • Establish communication strategies and plans 
  • Conduct competence assessment and training 
  • Ensure sustainable change 

Organisational development

  • Advice on organisational design linked to business needs 
  • Create and design a organisational transformation plans 
  • Advice on workforce optimization 
  • Advice on improving team collaboration 
  • Conduct management coaching and follow-up.

Project & risk management

  • Define scope, timeline and cost 
  • Perform project reporting and cost control 
  • Contribute to secure project goals 
  • Lead risk assessment and follow-up 
  • Secure quality assurance in projects